New Scoring system - unhappy campers

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I am on a team that normally gets 8 chests by Saturday.  The new scoring system is making it too difficult to acquire points.  I know there are reasons for changing the system, probably legitimate, but the rumblings from my team is they're not gonna play twice as long to acquire the same amount of points.  If GOP 3 chooses to keep this system I'm guessing a lot of players will try other apps or websites to play poker.  Especially here around the holidays there is not enough time to play poker 4 or 5 hours a day.  Just saying.

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Unhappy ?  That's putting it lightly.  Every teammate is deeply concerned that the management went a bit too far.  We are all wondering what will change for the next challenge.  Myself, I have GALLONS of Milk and enough Tiaras to choke a horse ........ The brillant changes are not acceptable ......

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