How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

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I am trying to understand the points system.  My experience tonight has been:

Golden Club arena:

1st place, 145 pts, 145 pts 141pts and 71 pts.

2nd place, 75 pts, 38pts

3rd place, 15 pts ,15 pts

4th place 10pts, 19 pts

Big Bull arena:

2nd place 65 pts

3rd place 44 pts and 15 pts.


I am trying to understand why they are different every time please explain.   Thank you for your time and all you do.

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Hi guys! Sorry for the late answer.

In the new point system, you will win team points regarding the position you finish in.

The team points will double if your XP Doubler is on.

Please let me know if you have any questions :) 

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