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Colt 45

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I was wondering why all players that level up get 25,000 credits no matter what level they are on. So if a player is level 10 and it takes a little to get to 11 they get 25, 000 credits and yet when your on a much higher level say the level I'm on 87 and it takes 410,000 to get to level 88 I still only get 25,000 points

Don't you think this is not very rewarding for those that play a lot and show support to GOP3?

Do you think its fair that someone needs say 20,000 to level up and gets 25,000 credits and someone needs 410,000 and they get the same REWARD?

I love GOP3....... I'm just saying you might look at changing this and showing players that play a lot more to level up that they are noticed.


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It doesn't really matter to me either way., what does is the lack of response on this form. I get that Admin are very busy not sure about the Mods as I've only seen one comment on the whole forum

I did notice that you went and answered just about every post down the forum page. I''ve been both Admin and a Mod on forums so IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT leave it alone.

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