Old hat YET AGAIN.


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Again????   RUBY.   Lots of work for me, I don't live on this game 24/7

Couldn't make it last week, squeaked by this time only to get a VIKING hat.


Now that gripe being made, again, I do have to say, I got the one viking hat I liked the most, with wings.  Already have FOUR so now make it FIVE viking hats.  NOT ONE OF THE NEW ONES.  


It's just so stupid.  New week, new event, make it to ruby you should win the NEW PRIZE.    This costs you people NOTHING.  It's just a graphic.

But ok, I lost a ton of chips and downgraded my vip ranking for this stale old recycled hat.  Guess next week I skip trying so hard.  Just collect free stuff and leave.    Spring, got gardening to do anyway.

So until I feel like chasing yesterdays old prizes, I lay off this game.


(Ya know, I am NOT the only one complaining about this.  not everyone bothers to find forums and post.   And contacting support over something this unimportant is a total waste of time.  Just keep making players mad for no reason. It's really pure stupidity.)

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