Calendars 2019 and Gigaspin


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Hi GoP 3 Team, the christmas calendar 2018 is over and as always i thank you for the Ultra spin. However, I must admit that the Halloween and Christmas calendars were more than frustrating. The choice to award random rewards was not appreciated by the community at large. No governor asks to win 100 million or 1 billion chips. But, it would be wise to return to fixed rewards and the reward is proportionate to the challenge set. For example, it was criticized and rightly to win 35 hands to win 10 000 chips or 10 gold coins. Whebn the challenge is to win 25, 30 or 30 hands, just give us a mega token with a few chips and a little XP and most players will be happy. This was the case for the World Cup calendar for example, which was a real success and well balanced between the challenge and the rewards.
Suggestion for 2019 : Is it possible to insert in our inventory a calendar part of the year with each calendar and next to the number of missed days.

(for example :
Easter calendar: missed days: 0
Summer calendar: missed days: 0
etc ...
The interest of this inventory will be for the last calendar of the year 2019. I did not miss a single day of the calendars of the year 2018. So, it was a bit frustrated to get "only an Ultra spin" for the last calendar of the year. (please, i know it's optional and i don't criticize the gift of Ultra spin) If governors complete all days of all calendars in 2019, they will get a Giga spin token which occurs only once a year (
exceptionally : governors who missed maximum two days by each calendar will be available to the Giga spin). In the Giga spin, the lowest amout of chips will be 150 millions and the highest will be 1 billion chips. There are also two conditions : getting a level XP up to 60 and have played more 50 000 hands.  Governors under this level will get a Giga spin, but the highest amount will be 500 millions chips.

Governors who complete the last calendar of 2019 but is not eligible to the Giga spin will get the Ultra spin. Even if you don't set up the Giga spin, please insert a new window in our inventory in order to put all the calendar of the year and the day we miss. Like this, everything will be clear on the calendars. No dispute or claim will be possible. What do you think about it? By the way, can you tell us when begin the next calendar ? (a winter calendar?)

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by rereading my intervention I realize that it does not mean anything.
I appreciate the possibility to keep tokens (* token * not chips, translation error) especially 2XP to use them at the best moment we choose, not necessarily when opening chests (as it was the only way for example during the previous calendar event - in summer, I think)


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There are daily activities now so I don’t think they will increase rewards even more in future calenders... The rewards were good allready, now there is more and you ask for 150m guaranteed a year additional (if you buy without an offer that’s over $500 in chips...)

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