2 players, same IP, same tournament


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I'm teaching a friend to play poker. Would it be considered suspicious (possible cheating) if we played (different computers, same room/wifi) in the same tournament as I taught him? We'd obviously have no control over whether we were assigned to the same table at some point. I know that was considered suspicious on some cash poker sites, back in the day when there were US cash poker sites.

I think it would be more helpful for him if we were both playing at the same stakes (vs me playing higher stakes, with different tactics), but I don't want to do anything that looks bad to Youda/Steam or jeopardize my account.

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Hi everyone !

There are a lot of cheaters and hackers on the site.

Especially and mostly  in the 10k tourney at River Boat.

And one user here,  Codename 47, noticed that and even more..... showed you proofs.

This is very serious matter and trust me when i say it..... the cheating pattern is so obviously.

I hope that you can find something to stop them !

Have a nice day !

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My solution for players playing from same location and/or network is to pair them with other people that also are premade.


It worked in CS:GO and League of Legends - if 5 people gathered and entered matchmaking queue, they would play again other 5 people that gathered before queue (or in rare cases, single queue players but with higher rankings). It would be perfect solution to match "cheaters" with "cheaters". At least potential ones - it's not rule that people next to each other will look on each other's screens, but the opportunity is easy, so yeah.

What does Youda team thinks about it? :)

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