Regarding New Point System / Sit n Go, Heads Up, and Spin to Win

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Anyone else have complaints about the new point, especially system during team challenge, (no more points per hand won in Sit n Go, Heads Up, and Spin to Win), and how much more difficult it is to reach diamond now, (unless you are lucky enough to be the really rich players with tons of money who can afford to play at the high dollar tables)???  Please voice those opinions so that the game managers will know.  I  am extremely disappointed in the amount of good team members we are losing on our team because of these changes.  The cash and spin rewards in the chests at the end of the challenge are hardly worth all the many coins it takes to reach even gold, much less diamond, with the new point system.  Do ya'll agree?  Speak up please!  

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I do not agree. The new system rewards good play and gaining larger bankrolls. The previous system rewarded artificial raising and folding that had nothing to do with poker.
They did run statistics when they made the change and found that similar numbers of players were reaching similar levels as before. Nobody is entitled to diamond level points. It is harder, perhaps impossible, when playing at lower levels. That should be an incentive to play well and build ones stack to be able to play at higher levels. Earn chips from playing well, not relying on mega and ultra spins; those are just boosts up and will come.
I agree that the 5000-chip spins can be frustrating. I take them and just recall that they have added up to several 100K over time. If one practices playing winning poker it does not cost coins/chips/money to play, at least on average.

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8 hours ago, Worgen (Apex team) said:


@sfxtd, what do you mean by " Nobody is entitled to diamond level points. "


I mean that just because one does not have the time or chips to play at a high enough level or for a long enough time to reach 10,000 XP diamond level, one should not expect the rules to be changed to make it easier. Many, many people make 10,000 XP during a team challenge, so it is not an insurmountable challenge, but it does require playing at a high enough level, for sufficient time, and with reasonable skill. Play well, build the bankroll, and then the higher rewards may be more easily obtained.

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