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"Thankers" have never bothered me.

I know it's easier said than done, for many people, but tilt is subtle and occurs in many forms and degrees. Why give your opponents a soft spot to poke to piss you off? Just smile and take their money in the long run.

That does remind me of one thing that has bothered me since I started this game. If "Thanks" was REALLY created for politeness (which I question), why is there no "You're Welcome" balloon in the suggestions next to "Thanks"?

If you're politeness-minded, it's a nice way to repay courtesy. If you're snark-minded, it's a better countersnark than just fuming. Either way, the words for "Thank you" and "You're Welcome" go hand in hand in every culture/language I know.

(I apologize if this has already been remedied. I may not have seen it because I turned off Chat Suggestions shortly after I began playing, due to accidental misclicks. Back then, the chat suggestion box would pop up partly over the action buttons.)

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Thanks is an important button for politeness and should not be removed just because some people abuse it and annoy some others. I do really want the ability to select which phrases or emojis show up on the quick-response suggestion bar. That also might reduce the number of people responding with "nice bluff" in response to every raise.

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