Team service not available updates ect.

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For some reason it seems like the team service all ways goes down during a challenge as well as any updates to the game all ways happens during a challenge. I know that this is not just coincidence. I have a team and have my members having the same problems with no communication for cheering on each other ect. I understand that GOP needs to make $ off of the game, but also with all of the changes that have been put in place, no more private tables, no gifting or giving friends chips, harder to reach points at tables, challenge chest not giving what they used to, and I could go on. It is like you do not really care about the people that you have registered and playing and wanting to keep them around. Your main goal right now is to make $ off of the game and let it go to sh**. The way things are being run as of right now is driving people away. Might not be driving them away right away but they are going. It supposed to be a fun game that people enjoy and from the changes and issues that have been coming up, many people are looking for other places to go to.

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