Suggestions for GOP 3! in the year 2019


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Hi Rubinho, hi GOP3 team.
Great idea to begin thread for 2019 suggestions !  I like " We could have a profile with our achievements and trophies ".

I don't know Poker Five cards draw, personnaly I just play Texas Hold'em but I know some people who likes playing omaha (but a new variant is a lot of work for developpers, of course...).

My principal needs are about team gestion.  English is not my native langage, it's very difficult and time-consuming to to talk to the team without copying / pasting. Especially since some people speak only their native language, sometimes with accents that I do not have on my keyboard.
I would really like to have a function to copy paste.
It would also be useful for me to be able to change the language of the interface to give more precise indications when I am asked for help.
As a leader, I would like to be able to sort the profile of the team according to the participation in the challenge and not only according to the bankroll
We can name officials but what if the leader of the team has a problem? I wish I could designate an aide-de-camp who would become a leader if I did not connect for a certain period of time (ideally I would choose)
Thank you for paying attention.

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It was you who made the suggestion of 2x xp chips! It was a great idea, thank you, I love this improvement. And big thanks to GOPD team for implementing.

I think the interface is already very attractive, especially compared to real money sites.
The hands are legible, the texts big enough, it looks like nothing but the opposite would be crippling!
My only concerns are related to team management. Everything else is already great to me (but I've only been there for six months).

It's great to have a responsive development team, especially with so many players from different languages and cultures.  

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I read a thread somewhere and the person stated that they would love to see a real money Govenor of Poker site. You must of considered it already also with the legal stuff. Just intresting what the team have discussed already on this. I sometimes suspect that a certain huge poker site has also thought about buying rights, but just another inquisitive thought!

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As far as susgetions.... I notice as GOP3 gets bigger & better it takes longer to load up through the browser so a GOP3 client like the online Moba games have. I'm  sure the game would run smoother. Another is the lag issue when playing at night in Europe as there are obviously at lot of people playing from the America's it is a long way for info to travel, maybe to give everyone the choice to just play people from the same continent.

But all in all GOP3 is a free game and has truely honored that so I'm really happy with it as it is, many thanks.

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