Weekly classification, how is this possible ?

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I'm looking at the weekly classification and i see for example member Skyhawk at $262.000.000 winning at the Pro woud area. Here the maximum buy in is 2 mln. 

So even if you 4 table for 300 hands/hour and you have an amazing winrate of like 15 BB/100 and you play 8 hours per day (which is both quite impossible i would say) , then even the best streak only gives not even 1/3 of that total. 


So how is this possible ?

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Actually, it is pretty simple.  When you have an all in table going, you can win a lot of chips in a hurry.  This last week, I sat  several tables in which players were throwing 1m all in, preflop...  I was winning 2-3 million pots for hours on several players.  I even tried to get them to slow down in the table chat.

Alexander mentions having an obsession for the cups...  I have made 4 of them since I started. I could care less about them.

With all the hours I play this game, this was a rare week.  SO it's nothing special... I had a few days of really good cards, on a few tables that were playing out of control.  Yep, I took advantage of it.

Hope that helps

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