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Todays challenge - win $250k.  In the lowest sit & go I won but not all was registered.  I won a few, lost a few and switched up to the $175k pot and won. I was already on 50% ish.  By my math a $175k win should have pushed me to completion. But no, just 7%, It did not register. I am aware of recent glitches and server challenges but thi sis beyond the pale.

I tested the challenge in a cash game and losses do not get subtracted. So why when I win $175k was I not credited with 70% of challnge completed.

An explanation from a moderator would be nice.

I spent real money to buy more data to play this challenge. Was about to spend money on GoP to remove ads on my handheld device but I am dubious now.


Any answers from GoP and has anyone else experience this?  If I am missing something, happy to have it explained.



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Thanks Ines - there is a disparity between the values won in Play & Go v per hand.  The accumulation is per hand only.  IE: If you win $35k in Sit&Go it does not get added - only what you won in the hands during the game!!  Confusing and not very clear Don't woory at least I know know.  Stu

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