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Please for the love of everyone, remove this option. There is nothing more annoying when you play multiple tables and you're flicking to a table where it is your turn and you intend to check but it then switches to "call any" because your time runs out.

You then go back to another table only to come back to the above mentioned table to find that you have called someones all in post flop.

There can't be any reason for this button to exist at all, and the times people use it must be negligible.

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The "Call Any" button does have a function. For example, if you are playing multi-tables in Oil Storage and you see you have been dealt a good hand but don't necessarily want to go all in pre-flop, you can click it to stay in the game and then when you flick back to see how that game is unfolding you may want to change.

But having said that, there isn't a week goes by where I don't somehow accidentally click it in Crystal Palace and come back to find I lost 5m chips!!

I wouldn't be sorry to see it go.

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