Cannot Get Game To Load on PC or on iPhone

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I am having no luck getting this game to load on my IPhone (downloaded the app from the Apple Store today) nor on my HP Laptop.  Most of the time the home screen just stays put, but if I refresh, I can get to the select a gender popup.  I select Female and the "select your gender" box just spins.  In the background of the select a gender popup, I see part of a message "User has not enough money to .........." (can't read the remainder) 

None of the icons across the top of the screen respond.  

Any ideas - am about ready to give up.



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I do not have iPhone, but on Android devices when you encounter problems you might try to clean game's cache or data files.

I assume you tried reinstalling game on both devices.


Also, make sure you have stable network - when I played on mobile network while traveling I got many disconnections, due to instability.

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