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I noticed that the blackjack tables don't operate the same as they would in the real world and i don't like it.

A. The house always wins, "push" shouldn't exist. really I don't care about this one.

B. The house will always hit if there is room to and they are going to lose anyways. I shouldn't see the dealer sit on a 17 when i have 18, because in the real world they know either way they are going to lose but they could hit a 2,3, or 4 and still win so why wouldn't they hit.

Please apply your consideration to these issues as i feel they are diminishing to your franchise.

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yes i am asking for worse odds because i don't believe everyone deserves a trophy so i don't need altered odds on my side, the push only applies in the case both players have blackjack not just a tie.

turns out i am wrong about standing on 17 but i don't think it justifies your passive aggressive response.

while we're on the subject most blackjack tables irl allow more than 1 player as well...

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There are two problems with GOP3 blackjack vs brick and mortar casinos; one major, one a minor inconvenience: 

1)  When the dealer is dealt an ace or ten count card up, they immediately check for a blackjack.  If they have a blackjack, the cards are displayed and the hand is over.  With GPOP3, the blackjack IS NOT displayed until AFTER the player has doubled down or split pairs.  NOT GOOD!! STRONG ADVANTAGE HOUSE!!  Please fix this basic error.

2)  After a player has busted, the dealer displays his hold card.  This also is customary in casinos, but not GOP3.  It has no effect on the hand, but gives the player a sense of how the dealer's cards are running.



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15 hours ago, TUNA said:

There are two problems with GOP3 blackjack vs brick and mortar casinos; one major, one a minor inconvenience: 


1) how about Just don’t double or split when dealer has an ace? That the dealer is not checking for a blackjack at all is an advantage for the player because there is no push possible when you have blackjack.

2) in some blackjack-Softwares the dealers hole card is shown after the player busts in others not. It’s a useless piece of information anyhow, because you don’t even know if the same card that busted you would’ve come off if you didn’t draw or the outcome of the hand is just fixed.


Gop3 allows for several Blackjacks after splitting aces wich combined with 1) would give the player an edge over the house playing with optimal strategy and make it a profitable game if the deck was shuffled totally random. (Blackjack with Vegas Rules has 99,72% RTP with optimal strategy)

This BJ has a Payout rate and I doubt the rtp (return to player) is over 98% . From what I experienced it’s about 96% at best... I don’t say you can’t win many millions but don’t expect it to happen too often.

Also i have the strong feeling that the table with the hoghest bets has a way better winning rate then the 2 lower ones... especially the middle table is running horrible whenever I play it

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What about when the dealer has a face card?  Are you not going to split or double down?  The player has 3 ways to soften the house advantage::  Blackjack, Doubling down, and splitting pairs.  38.5% of the deck is face cards and aces. If you do not split or double down when the dealer has an ace or face card, you forfeit most of your winning advantage.

Agree, showing the dealers hold card after the player busts has nothing to do with winning or loosing, but to make more realistic, play like the casinos do.

Appreciate yuour thoughts.

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