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I did the last update on my iPad, now the game won’t work. It won’t pass the blue screen. I tried to play on 4 different androids and it syncs every 20 seconds.  Please fix on iPad so we can play. Also fix the syncing game issue on androids. All devices are up to date, internet in the fastest please please I want to play......   

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Hello, what generation is your Ipad? because with the last updates many old apple devices are not supported anymore

this is the list: 

iPhone (Samsung S5L8900) 
iPod touch (Samsung S5L8900) 
iPhone 3G (Samsung S5L8720) 
iPod touch 2G (Samsung S5L8720) 
iPhone 3GS (Samsung S5PC100) 
iPod touch 3G (Samsung S5PC100) 
iPad (Apple A4) 
iPhone 4 (Apple A4) 
iPod touch 4G (Apple A4) 
Apple TV 2G (Apple A4) 
iPad 2 (Apple A5) 
iPhone 4S (Apple A5) 
iPad 3G (Apple A5X) 
Apple TV 3G (Apple A5) 
iPhone 5 (Apple A6) 
iPod touch 5G (Apple A5) 
iPad 4G (Apple A6X) 
iPad mini (Apple A5) 
iPhone 5c (Apple A6) 
iPhone 5s (Apple A7) 
iPad Air (Apple A7) 
iPad mini 2 (Apple A7)

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