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Hi GoP Team 3, i have a question about royal poker, specially when there are a quads on the table. When there are a quads on the table, what player win the pot? I ask you because i thought it was the kicker best hand who won the pot.  But that was not the case. First example, there was AAAAT on the table. I got a K, so i should win the pot. But the pot was split between all players. But last week, there was KKKKT on the table, i got AQ. Other player got AA. With my A kicker i should split the pot with another player who got AA. I go all in and the other player too. I lost the pot and all my chips. Can you explain me what are the rules when there a quads on the table please.

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I have found the same thing, quads are inconsistent with kickers. I'm fairly sure I have lost pots when I've gone all-in with lower kicker than A and someone else has had one, then on another ocassion I've seen someone else split pots with that exact same situation.

So, pots been split with quad on the board and a number of players, some with A and some with lower going all-in. But I also lost in this exact same scenario.

If in the situation detailed in the OP, the pot is not split then there is something seriously wrong with the programming of the game, because the best hands for both players is KKKKA, and if it is not even consistent, which I'm pretty sure if the case, then it's a complete minefield.

I have lost 5m a time in Crystal Palace on this very situation, and now it scares me to even get involved and I will just back don and lose whatever chips I've already  put in the pot.

Gop Jacopo, respectfully, I suggest you really need to check this out, because your answer is wrong as to how it properly should be, and also seems to be what does happen in the game.


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Okay guys, the best thing to do is to take a picture of the screen and post it hear that shows the inconsistency.  When in doubt, snap a picture.  That is what I do when trouble happens at the table.  Make sure to take a picture after hitting the icon that shows the last hand card result.  That is plenty of time to do that, because you can do it up to when the next hand completes.   Matter of fact, post the picture here for this problem.
Good Luck!

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On 3/20/2019 at 10:34 AM, GOP Jacopo said:

Hello, if on the table there was a KKKKT, you had an AQ and the other player AA, it's correct for the other player to win because AA is higher then AQ. Hope I answered your question :)

@GOP Jacopo : Hi Jacopo, as other members reply on this thread your asnwer is wrong. Indeed, a player can't have the best hand with six cards as you said in your answer. Only five best cards count. Yesterday, there was a quads (JJJJQ) on the table and only players who got A kicker won the pot. But, it's not always like this in royal poker. You should investigate this bug please.


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