activity monitor broken

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Just did my third spin of the day,  but cannot collect for it.  Activity monitor just sits there spinning. 


I'd post a screenshot but no way to do it from my computer.   (WHY can't you folks fix this forum?  Every forum I use everywhere has a way to upload a screenshot. NOT this one.)

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So it's fixed now but not one word on how we will all be compensated?????

I couldn't collect the last SEVERAL things available, so missed out on a chest.  

I thought sure something would be in the announcements but no.

A LOT of people in my team are unhappy too.  A few are paying members.


So how about GOP do SOMETHING to fix this mess?



Meh, I don't see much activity on this board at all. 

And THIS..... is exactly why I would NEVER SPEND REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME!

I play for free so I really didn't loose anything tangible.  Prizes with strings attached.



New round of hats coming up are pretty darn ugly.  Wild west?   All you can come up with is yet another snake, a dead cow head with what?  Is that a gecko coming out of it's face? Eew Ick.And vultures?   Really?  Well maybe the vultures are to eat the remains of players after you destroy them.  Yea I won't be playing much this round.



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Howdy, we are sorry for the late reply to the issue you encountered in game. In the future, for technical issues, we recommend to contact directly to our support team at giving them all the information possible (device, version, etc). They have the tools to review it faster and they will be able to assist you. Enjoy Poker!

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