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Special XMAS Casino and MORE!

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The Xmas Casino just opened in Vegas!
It has a limited time mission to win the rare Ice Governor hat.
This tournament will run till January 7th.


December Gift Calendar has also started!
You just have to play a few hands to claim your daily present!
Each day random prizes will come out of the presents, this includes Chips, Gold and (Rare)Hats. On Saturday and Sunday there are bigger green presents. And it would be good to claim the presents on Xmas, as these have more rare items and bigger rewards!

Did you notice the new XP doubler yet?!
We got some great feedback from people that XP is important for them.
We love everyone to progress as well, so we introduced the XP doubler.
After every 4 hour free spin, the XP doubler is activated for 30 min.
Any XP won at the tables will be doubled.. even if you play Multi Table poker.
And a small tip: This will also have effect on the Team Points won, as these are based on XP!

Won the 5th Chest in the Team Challenge?
This weeks Team Challenge will have 5 chests!
We wanted to challenge the teams that are hitting 4, so we introduced a 5th one with a good bounty inside. GO TEAM!

Let us know if you like the updates and what else you would love to see in this Poker game!

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