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Can someone tell me why when I completed the 2nd day calendar challenge, I and others only received a bronze ticket?  This seems to be a slap in the face.  I had to win 20 poker games to see the prize, a bronze ticket that gave me 15,000 dollars.

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It's win 20 'hands' which isn't that much, so some daily prizes are not much, and other days will be better. Admittedly never get much from those bronze tickets. But I think the challenge is mostly about collecting the days for a decent prize at the end of the calendar myself anyway.

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I played the "Play 40 games" calendar day today.  I ended up with a "Silver Ticket" at its completion.  It was more grueling trying to win 20 hands while trying to get team points, than playing 40 games not during a team competition.  The other calendar challenges seemed to reward you with larger prizes if you had to win large number of games, rather than just play so many games.

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