Pls Fix the Text Entry for Teams on Android


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The failure rate/crashes with each new feature roll out is understandable since you're adding things , but the constant frustration with talking to teamates is horrific. The text window opens, then no keypad appears , and when it does, it crashes, or allows a few letters then hits send before the sentence is done. We end up sounding drunk or retarded. It's annoying as all hell. If one presses hard down to get the cursor to hopefully display the keyboard, it asks us to Paste whatever is in the clipboard. Sometimes you can push upwards to get the keyboard to display, but usually not. Like 1 out of 120 attempts to type works. Please address this

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I will "refresh" this topic.

I think that problem with keyboard on Android is mostly Android fault - but most notably it occurs when you have GOP3, because it's a bit demanding process, and it happens more often when higher amount of resources are taken.

I never had a crash while trying to type, but it's painful to lose all text progress when you decide to go back to table (I mean by that focusing on table). I tested it now and text remained, but I remember in past it used to clear itself.

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