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There are a serious bug with spin and play. For example, i play spin and play 1 million today. All players bet at flop, turn and the river. The winner got a straight, i got two pairs and the other player got nothing. So i finished second. That was confirmed when i hit to see the results of all players cards. But, the final message told that i finished in third place, that's wrong. So, instead of win 63 points, i got only 16 points. I use to reach diamond chest and i mainly play spin and play. So each time, this bug don't give me points i deserved. That's insane! Correct this please!

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Seems to happen on sit & go all the time too, when the last 3 players all end up going all-in at the same time. I go into the pot with the second highest amount of chips, end up with the second best hand and finish in 3rd place.

Having seen it a few times it appears it may go on what order you actually called the winner in. So if you are the 3rd to call (and one of the two that loses), you end up in 3rd place, even if you had the second best hand and 2nd highest amount of chips going in to the hand  Which of course is completely wrong.

And of course on sit & go it is worse because as 2nd place you would have got your buy-in back. Result is it can be a minefield going all-in if 3 players remain, and I end up throwing away good hands.

There is also another one which has been raised here where in Royal poker, if 4 of a kind appears on the board, sometimes players who call all-in with lower kicker than others, still get split-pot. It has been raised but developers gave incorrect answer (about best 6 cards) and then didn't come back when that was pointed out.

I start to wonder if the game has somehow been programmed wrong and these are not an easy 'bug fix'.



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