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The latest dog hats, HORRIBLE!!!!!!

The first batch all look like they have a broken paw.  And NO DOG stands so curled up so their face and butt hole are pointing in the same direction.  YUCK.

Last round, out came the most beautiful Husky.  Gorgeous.  And it's laying curled around the hat so much more natural.

BUT.... WHY did some idiot decide to make it scratch it's face, I timed it, every ten seconds????   Poor thing either has fleas bad, or some rash on it's face.

I had a dog with a hot spot it's a HORRIBLE thing to deal with.  As are fleas.   WHY did you people do this?  Such an adorable bit of bling, then ruin it making it disturbing.

I won one of those, and a few other dogs, I will NEVER be using them. 

Seriously, it's very distracting to have a dog, rendered so well, scratching it's face off. 
How about the graphics team here TRY not to be so WRONG???? This is a real turn off to the whole game.

The batch of puppies before the dogs was much better.  Cats too. 


BTW... how about some new shirt colors, maybe patterns?  And some new pins would be  nice.  (Also, certain hats, the pins just don't sit right. One actually lands a pin on top of feathers. YUCK.)


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