gop indifference to anti semitism


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a few months ago i complained that you have a team called 'thirdreich' and of course you (still) didnt do a thing about it. I guess that wasnt blatant enough for you admin to decide that it crosses the lines of decency. Than i complained that you have a player called 'gas the jews' on a team called romanya - but apparently that nick is also within the boundaries of good taste for you people. Than you have a team with 'hitler' in the name.

i have an israeli flag on my profile - which is basically an open invitation to be cursed at. After being told numerous comments like 'hitler loves you' ect  - i simply always play on silence mode. But my kids dont silence the chat. So how about letting me control what flag people will see when they view my profile? At least than i would feel somewhat better letting my kids play without their being subject to open antisemitism and threats and curses.

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That's aweful!!!!  Thankfully I never saw any of that but wow.   They really DO need some form of mute/report.  Report really horrible behavior and let admins take a look.  REMOVE anyone actually doing that.  


Meanwhile, I'd like to see a block player feature.   I have run into a few real jerks I'd just as soon never play again. Nothing that bad though.  Perhaps if a blocked player is at a table, you don't automatically get seated at the same table.  


I'd also like a few seconds at least to SEE who is at the table..... some games do this, you can view the table and then decide if you want a seat or not.

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