Why GoP3 become SoP3 (Slave of Poker 3)

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Hi @Ines, Jacopo, Apollo, Denis, the new update you told us on livestream is the cherry on the cooky crumble of a bad joke. First, most of players were happy with the diamond chest. 10 millions players all over the world and it's seems there are only bingo players to your game. This is just a lie. I reach diamond every week and 99 %, i never meet bingo players. Second, the new system is a nonsense. Now, we are going to play 7 days and 365 days in one year. The definition of a game is to have fun but for a short time. Because post of people got other things in life that playing poker every day. You introduce another stupid ticket for a "chance" to win an Ultra. Why do you think people reach diamond every week ??? Just for the fun ??? No, because they want their Ultra! Now, with 50 000 points, this is totally crazy to get this. What is the main difference between : Ines, Stefan, Apollo, Jacopo, Denis, Mathson and the players ??? You are paid for this game because it is your job. The players don't get nothing except losing their time (and some of them lost real money for fake chips...). So, for me this is the worst update of GoP3, and i suggest you to change the name of this game : because of playing 7 days and 52 weeks for a challenge, people never stop playing this game. This is no more a game. That's why now your game is Slave of Poker 3! 

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I can't find this live stream, and don't really understand much of the OP post. Can anyone tell about changes. Is he saying you now have to get 50,000 points for an ultraspin??

I see something about 7 day team challenge and Ruby chest

But I never get any information about these updates and changes to the game as I connect via IOS browser. I understand that team members who connect via other formats usually get this information.


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GoP3 has lost their mind. Now 50 000 points to a madness chest with no Ultra guarantee. I don't care, i quit this app and hope many players will do so. We are not slave to play 7 days and 365 days. This update has just put a fucker mess. And Apollo and Denis are thinking players are donkeys to play every day for peanuts! GoP3, you always change the rules. It's not poker anymore but just a bad joke. Who cares to show off their results. All we want is Ultra in diamond chest. Ryby or other stuff just to show off, we really don't care about. @Stefan GoP: who has told you to put this silly update! No players were asking for this.

Changing rules every 6 months, changing systme points every 3 months, stop taking us for donkeys.

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Next update, it will be platinum chest. You will need 1 millions bronze ticket to get 1 silver ticket. You will need 2 millions silver ticket to get 1 gold ticket. You will need 3 millions gold ticket to get 1 diamond ticket. You will need to get 4 millions diamond ticket to get 1 ruby ticket. You will need to get 5 millions ruby ticket to get 1 emerald ticket. You will need to get 10 millions emerald ticket to get 1 platinum ticket. You will need to get 50 millions platinum ticket to get an Ultra!!! Be ready for this Slave of poker 3! At one point, it must be recognized that the developers have made shit with these endless tickets that takes the players for idiots.


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Well.... I was kind of excited to see another level.  Especially when for awhile I was easily making diamond and had plenty of chips to play with.   And all with just some play time in the evenings.  But lately?

TO win some extra chips I've been trying to play several times a day.  FIll all the little tasks... TRY to earn some play chips.

I don't mind losing a game.  Honest.  But once in awhile, to keep anyone interested, winning has to be in the mix somewhere.   I'm having a hard time just making gold let alone anything new. 

And what's with all the ticket spins ALWAYS LANDING on the smallest prizes?  Several times now I literally watched it land on something big, a million chips or something, and at the last possible second it clicks forward one more time to some low ball 7500 chips.   silver or gold tickets don't matter either.  I might get ONE shot at a high level table and I'm so low on chips I'm stuck with lower levels then lose lose lose.  Those things are as shady and rigged as the cheapest carnival game.  Fixed to be impossible to really "win" anything big.  Such a scam.  I'd sure never spend real money on this.

I have to wonder, because  I criticized the dog hat where the dog scratches itself every 10 seconds?  Did that somehow get some admin to set the lose button on my name?

Just seems odd how my win/lose ratio suddenly went in the tank.  I play the same way. 


Been turning it off and walking away more and more.  

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Hello, we want to bring back the good old poker, to play for fun and not just for rewards. On top of that, we wanted to share the concept that, players don't have to play just for the Ruby chest. The Ruby chest is for a niche, for those players who spend a lot of time on the game and are happy to do it. We don't want to force anyone into doing that, that's why we extended the team challenge to 7 days, to give more time and opportunity. We would like everyone to embrace the fact that get the Ruby chest should not be the only goal for the team challenge. If you don't want to put in so much work and effort if you are a Shark or a High roller and you can't afford big buy-ins in high saloons, getting to the Gold or Diamond chest is already a super good achievement! :)

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I just gotta say this again.  I LIKE those chests... and for awhile I had no problem (with some time) getting diamond.  But since this?   THREE DAYS now and I can't even win a single sit and go.   I was fairly consistent with enough wins to advance, something has changed.


AND... what's with those tickets ALWAYS landing on the lowest prizes possible over and over and over.   Those are rigged for sure to never actually pay off.

Fix one aspect of this game and it's clear any part of it can (and is) also rigged.  I've been working my tail off just to reach gold.  The all in players have not reduced one bit.  OVER AND OVER.... I can't afford the higher end tables now. 


This is rapidly losing all it's fun.  Though I thought the next level prize would be nice, since I already would be close, but now?  I play the same.  How is it suddenly I can't win a single game?    Meh.... I have six other poker sites bookmarked that I have not visited since I found this.  I think it's time to try them again.

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