7-day Team Challenge!


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Your posts at the opening screen as you log into the game really motivated the members of my team.  They all got a spurt of energy from them and started playing again.  Only 8 of our players on our team are still inactive and none of those 8 saw your message promising more chips in the Ruby chests.  Thank you for being responsive and reaching out to the players that way. 

I looked at the leader board and the chip leaders are now moving upward once more, not downward.  So, your changes must be rewarding these great players. 

Thanks again for your efforts at making this game fun.  It must be working, because I am texting today with people in my poker buddies list that have been inactive for a few weeks to months. 

I noticed that I can no longer see my team standing in the team leaderboard.  Even though we were in 1800th to 5800th place, it was a way to gauge how our team was playing week to week.  Of course if we make it back up, into the top 30 teams, I would be able to see our team name again ;^)   I like it that I can still see where I stand in the individual standings and motivates me to try to accumulate more chips.  I was surprised to see that I am only 8 away from being listed in the top 50 in the Royal Poker table list in Vegas.  Again, it motivates me to play some more at that table.

I still love my team, my teammates and team leader.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

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with this new 7 day format - how does a player change teams without losing eligibility for a week? If we change before the challenge is over than we will lose out on the prizes. And if we change after the challenge is over and after we collected our prizes - than the new challenge automatically starts with us still being on the new team.

Im Guessing the answer is to switch right after taking the prizes but before we get a single point on the new team?

would be nice if you made it clear so we know for sure...


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