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You have it posted that ' You can still get FREE XP Doubler Tokens with Seasonal Spins, Daily Activities, on Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Tickets!'

I think this is a huge mistake! You yourself admit that double tokens are no longer all that valuable. Heck - i have over 200 of them.

So if i played for hours and hours and got a diamond tix and than 'won' a 60 minute double time token - i would feel very cheated. That would make me say the heck with it.

I bet most players would feel gipped.

Seriously  -you should rethink it. Personally i think its unfair to have the token in the gold - but in diamond? Thats just nuts!


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I don't think that was his point at all.

His point was that a diamond ticket shouldn't win you a reward that is a fraction of what you ALREADY get for free on any day of routine play. Every day, you can get three 30m x2 from free spins, one (more likely two) 15m x2 from playing that 90min of free x2, and maybe a  30min.

That's a reasonable expectation of 120-150 min of free x2 bonus time every day if you play three short sessions spread over the day or 30-45 min of x2 on every day that you just pop in once and play for half an hour. I hope you can see how spinning a Diamond ticket and getting a bonus doubler wouldn't feel like a reward but rather like a Bad Beat. Who wants to be rewarded with Bad Beats?

Your current system of granting additional bonus time with increasing daily activity is definitely a good way to encourage, reward and "bring fun" to the casual player. Diamond chest players are a bit beyond casual. 10K points equals many hours of play per week -- a lot for a hobby.

Now, to be fair (just so you don't think I'm bashing you), you may be looking at the overall prize spread, including teams that don't make many chests. But I'd argue that a Diamond chest represents a significant investment of time for that individual, even if their team only earns 2-3 chests. I wouldn't want to push the MVPs or top players of casual/friendly/community teams to leave for 8-chest teams. That's no fun. It's more fun to be on a team with people you know/enjoy.

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