Is it possible that the Team Leaderboard is malfunctioning?


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First off, let me state up front that I mean no disparagement of any of the teams or players I will be citing. My admiration of their achievements is boundless.

While browsing profiles of winning teams, I simply noted some extreme anomalies that make me question if the Team Leaderboard might be broken. If not, maybe someone else will find these numbers as interesting as I did.

Since I don't see a way to embed images in the current board software, I've created a portfolio here:

The first second screencap (sorry the album displays them in "newest-first" order) is of the current leaderboard at the time I'm posting this (~6am Central European Daylight Time, with 2 full days remaining on the challenge)

The second first screencap is of the #1 team (Lol Europa), which the Leaderboard says won over 4 Billion net (4,000,000,000 chips) in the last 105 hours -- or over 100Million (100,000,000) per team member.  As you can see, the team's total chest is only 6.7Billion, so they would have had to have started the challenge with 2.7B and then won 4B in just over 4 days. Yet they only have one player with over 1Billion chips, and most of their team doesn't even have 100M chips, much less recently won it.

Now I'm not saying amazing things can't happen in poker, especially when millions of people are playing. The #2 team (Club VIP+) is reported to have won 2 Billion this challenge (2,000,000,000) with only two people on the team (and neither one plays a huge amount), but in their case, it's believable: those two players are extreme high stakes players with 7.5B and 4.7B chips (respectively), and have won 934M and 720M in a single hand. I want to be like them when I grow up. It's very believable that $2Billion isn't much more than a "good week" for them -- but I admire them even more when I realize what a bad week would be like for them. It would probably kill me. Not my stack. Me. D-E-A-D.

Looking at the other teams on the leaderboard, I see some whose reported winnings this week seem plausible, given their stats: the #3 team also won almost 2Billion, but its players have a combined 30B in chips, so I can imagine that they just play REALLY hard. #7 .pokerlandia has almost 30Billion chips in their stack, so winning 1Billion in a week doesn't seem impossible. And so on.

I also see other teams that make me wonder: team stacks of ~5 billion (like #4 Knightgame and #5 Bonheur), which have reportedly won ~1Billion in the last 4 days, teamwide!  Wow. I thought I knew what good luck looked like (I'm a VIP+ myself),  but I guess I've never seen it, not even in TV poker. I definitely know what BAD luck looks like: I've had teammates who had multi-billion stacks, took a bad beat and tilted all their billions away in one day, either at the poker table or the slots. But that's understandable. It's easy to LOSE money. Even my dog could do that -- and knowing him, he would if I let him play poker. That wagging tail is SUCH a giveaway.

Anyway, as I said, I was just curious if you could check. And, if the Leaderboard is working fine, I hope that at least someone finds these observations interesting -- or inspiring. Hey, the next team to triple their team stack overnight could be yours -- or mine.




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Oops. I forget to mention the #8 team: Persian Cat. The leader board says they made 879M in the past 105 hours, yet the team only has 279M total. How can a team have 600M less than the leaderboard says it won?

The leaderboard shows NET PROFIT (or is supposed to), not only winnings. I know watch my own team go up and down during the week. If it was only showing "chips won" instead of net profit (winnings minus losses), the number would only go up.

I'll add a screencap of Persian Cat to the album. Sorry, I know it'll mess up the order of pictures even more.

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