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There is an Elite status player I see constantly coming in and out of games without playing a hand.

Usually low value games like Oil Stoarage and today it is Alamo.

Literally in and straight out, clearly without even seeing a hand, seems to take about 3 seconds from one leave to the next arrival, and goes over and over and over.

On many ocassions over the months I see this behaviour, and it baffles me as to what is the purpose.

My question is, what is gained by this??? .... does anyone know any reason to do this??

Very curious.

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Let me guess: it's "The Condiment" [not their real name, but everyone who knows them will understand)

She's been doing this for years. Maybe she's hunting ppl on her sucker list. There are other nefarious possibilities, but I don't think she's nefarious, and I don't want to give others ideas.

Others know her play better. The good news is, based on my few interactions with her, if you're solid at the game/table you're playing, you don't need to worry much. She;'s just a bit aggressive.

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Yes, that's the player. I can't imagine hunting suckers in those value games would pay much though. Must be something else, but I have no idea what ...

Certainly nothing to worry about as she is never actually playing!

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