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 I posted yesterday that I could not log in.  That support asks for a user id found in settings but could not get to settings since I COULD NOT LOG IN.


Well later that day I got in just fine.  I didn't do anything different, must have been some random glitch?  Kinda mad that my whole post is now gone.  All I did was ask for an email addy for support.   An admin could have sent me a PM if you don't want to post that here. At the very least tell me why the whole post is now missing.

Doesn't matter, I found another link for support without the user id needed and sent a note.   And so far no reply to that either.

Well I have two points to make here.

1.  Yesterday after I DID get in, I played a few games just fine, then got into the tower sit and go and the game kept flipping out.  I kept getting connection failed notices, then had to miss a hand, all the seats around me were filled, then empty, around and around.   Now sometimes I do have connection issues but this was not one of those times.  I have a monitor that shows me my connection and it was strong.  I opened another browser and got into a different online game and it was just fine.


Somehow I came in 3rd place even though I was unable to play a single hand.   Lost a lot of chips though.   NOT HAPPY that my post vanished AND support is non existent. I sure won't be spending any real money on this.   So I lost free chips.  Big deal.
Ya know, this silly game is your business.  I know this costs to run and keep updated etc.   And you expect people to spend on occasion to pay for it.

Well when support isn't there, posts in a forum vanish without any note as to why, lack of customer service means I will never be a paying customer.  Bad idea folks.

We all get that glitches happen.   TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THEY ARE VALUABLE OR YOU WON'T HAVE ANY!   Business 101.

I really like this game.  You have a good thing going here.  But there clearly is room for improvement.


2.  I am logged in now, and before this happens again where I cannot even send a support ticket without my user id, WHERE IS THE USER ID?

I remember the notice saying it's in settings.   So I have settings open, looked all through it, no user id number to be found.   

Anyone got a road map where to look?  I'll save it somewhere so the next time this happens I can just write to support.


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I think your UserID is the same as your "Friend Code" at the top of your Friends List. As far as I can tell that's the only UNIQUE identifier that is easy to find, and they can use it to look up your acct.

I think I've seen something else that could be called a UserID but that may have been something that popped up in an error message long ago, and I can't see any way to call it up from the menus. Use the "Friend Code". It's unique to each player. It's enough.

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Well when you say "friends list" do  you mean facebook?  Because I don't use and have no plans to EVER use facebook.

That notice I got did say in settings, bottom of the page.   But there is no id number of any kind that I can find.


ah, found the friend code, not sure that's the user id but saved it anyway. 

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Hi @ArtmakerJen, we really apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please take into account that our Support Team usually receives a lot of tickets, so it might take up to 2-3 business days to get an answer. In addition to this, whenever you need to contact our support agents, please make sure to include your GOP username and your current GOP level.

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Well "2-3 business days" you say????

Posted this on the 2nd.  Same day I contacted support.   It's now the 9th.  Still no reply from support.   Game started mysteriously working the same day though so maybe they know they fixed what ever it was and no need to bother answering people? 

Or like so many online sites, (and many other businesses these days,) "support" is a thing of the past.


oh well.   Glad this is just a game and nothing really important.

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