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Since the addition of the spaces for rings on profiles I notice as all trophy and ring slots don't fit on the screen at the same time by default it is set to 'cursor right' to give preference to displaying the collected rings or spaces for.

This has the effect that it chops off my collected bronze trophy on the left unless I left cursor across.

Can I suggest cursor preference is given to the trophies (i.e. left) rather than the rings as the trophies must technically be considered a better achievement.



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I sinced noticed that if a player doesn't have a ring slot filled you can see half the bronze trophy on their profile. But if you do have a ring slot filled (like me) you can't see the bronze trophy at all without scrolling left.

Looking carefully at it, It looks like filling a ring slot makes the space between the rophy slots and ring slots wider for some reason.


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On 12/10/2019 at 4:39 PM, Salvo GOP said:

Howdy Goodkat!🤠 Unfortunately there's no enough room to let display all the trophies in the screen at the same time. That's why our devs have decided to let display first the most important trophies of the game.


Hi Salvo.


There is enough room to get all my trophies on the screen if the devs weren't prioritising ring slots over trophy slots with their 'scrolling arrow feature' being automatically set to left.

Now I have an empty summer ring slot taking priority over a filled bronze trophy slot.

And my point is, even if that summer ring slot was filled, the trophies should take priority as they are a better achievement.

Rings can effectively be bought by just keep playing enough games whereas trophies can only be won by skill (with a combination of luck).

So trophies should take priority over rings.

The solution is simple. It should be changed so the 'scroll arrow feature' is automatically set to right insstead of left.

I.e. if you can't fit them all on the screen, cut the ring slots off rather than the trophies slots off.



See my screenshot below.  By default I have a filled bronze trophy cut off in favour of an empty summer ring slot. That can't be right !!!




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I also notice that if you haven't filled any of your ring slots, you still get half your bronze trophy slot on the default profile screen, like the guy below.

So for some reason filling a ring slot pushes that bronze trophy slot from half way off to right off the screen.

If I had known I wouldn't have filled any ring slots. Thats how strongly I feel trophy slots should take priority ...







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