Long term vision for GoP?

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With the slots being out of control as of lately, winning at poker, even at the highest stakes is merely an afterthought.  Would the team describe the reasons behind the changes and their future plans? Currently, players who have won 100+ Billion from slots can't be incentivized to care about any of the other games because the wagers appear as microstakes.

I miss the times where the highest stakes attracted players who have won their chips in battle and offered a challenge.

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Yes, I tend to agree with STEFAN. If I was on the strip and came across one of these 'newbies' with little experience who have won a fortune on the slot and had little regard for their chips I would relish the opportunity. As the saying goes, a fool and his money are easily parted ...

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55 minutes ago, xxn1927 said:

Yes, I get it.  Inflating the economy, giving people a sense of "progress." Introducing higher and higher stakes over time. But why bother playing poker if slots pay 10x more?

Beacuse most people (like me) are only ever losing money on slots. Only a rare few are doing well ....

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One of the players on my team plays only for points.  What he does is collect the free chips up to 6 times a day, plus the gifts from his friends and takes that money and plays the slots to increase his bankroll.  Once he does that, he goes to the tables and plays for points at the sit and go tables.  Once he loses all his money he starts over again and in the mean time, he has earned 2000 points per round.  He finishes as either Diamond or Ruby level and is an asset to the team.

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