Glitched Out of game - Lost Chips


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Last night I was playing x2 Gold Mansion and was suddenly 'glitched' out of both games losing the 40m chips. It said 'no connection' but my connection is A1, the issue definitely wasn't my end.

Anyway I took screenshots and contacted support, and fortunately shorly after the chips returned. I'm guessing techs were aware of a larger issue, rather than responding to my contact.

Unfortunately the same thing happened again this evening (in x1 game of Gold Mansion), and while I got my 20m buy-in chips back, I didn't get back the extra chips I'd won and was sitting on in that game, totalling 8-10m.

This is exteremely frustrating, especially as it's happening more than once.

Hopefully this won't continue as it is making me nervous to go in this venue, potentially wasting my time.


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12 hours ago, Salvo GOP said:

Hi Goodkat! Many thanks for your report.  We are taking note of it in order to report it our devs. However, we're glad to hear that you got back your lost buy-ins even if we understand that it must have been frustrating.

Have fun playing poker Governor! ♣️♥️

Thanks Salvo, yes, got the main chips back, so no biggie. And no further problems tonight. :)

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