SOUND issues AGAIN!!!!!

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Once again, my settings have sound OFF!   Lately once again, (I have complained about this before)  I have to reload the site OVER and OVER.

And even then, I finally get the sound OFF....   a few times now only after playing a game the damn sound comes back ON!


I have cleared cache cookies and history (since this is the ONLY site I use opera on, clearing everything is fine.)

Sometimes it fixes it, sometimes not.  AND every time I clear everything I have to enter nonsense like my age all over.



Come on people.   SOUND OFF!!!!!  FIX your settings so when someone has it set to OFF it STAYS OFF!!!!!! I do NOT want jingles, STUPID idiotic music, cheers or what ever BLEEDING OVER MY MUSIC!

OFF means OFF... Please.   FIX THIS.

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HEY support had a great idea.    I did not know this but you can mute a tab.    SO.... even if the game keeps forgetting my settings say off, I can still mute the game and not kill my stereo.


Live and learn.  I never use tabs myself so this is new to me.  Daughter then pointed out yea..... all browsers now can do this. 
So if anyone else is having the same issue, right click the tab your game is running on and you can mute it right there.

Cool huh? 

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