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Salvo GOP

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Howdy Governors! 🤠

Share your Friend ID or Team Name on this thread if you are looking for the perfect teammates to complete your Team Challenges!

Also feel free to share your Referral Code to earn up to $500k Chips that can always come in handy for your poker games. In order to obtain your referral code, just press the 3 people icon image.png.226904da65ce3756a23cc23b76bde8c1.png in the upper part of the screen and then choose "Referrals" and"Invite Friends".


Please make sure to use this thread ONLY for sharing. Any unrelated reply will be removed.

Enjoy Poker!


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I've been trying to get a friend who plays another game with me to come join BUT no matter what he tries, he just can't get in.  Likely he just has an older computer... not much chance of convincing anyone to buy a new computer for this.

I play off youdagames and told him that.  OR to use steam.   He's tried both. 

This game stopped working for me on firefox back when you first added ruby.   I have to use opera now.  (this is the ONLY thing I use opera for.  Firefox works for everything else.)

Something about the code here needs some polishing.  

Meanwhile I sure won't waste my time trying to wrangle anyone else over.  Not when it's so danged difficult to sign up.


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Wszystkofajnie tylko jakja komuś wysyłam to wyskakuje z włączonym istniejącym kodem i nie można dodać polecającego zeby mugl czerpac kapsle z leveli. ktos wie jak to zrobić zeby to działało poprawnie i dodawało polecających 

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On 2/12/2022 at 7:16 PM, Yamagata said:

Do the friend ID codes still work?  The people that I have the codes for are no longer playing, so I cannot test them out.

Howdy YAMAGATA, yes, they work. You can get Chips by referring to your friends.  Get chips when your friends achieve new levels and 5M CHIPS when they get level 100! That is up to 12M CHIPS in total per friend!

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