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Last night, I encountered issue... probably was caused by lagging Android device (it was stuttering with other things, for few minutes).

Issue 1 is that there was black area on the left side of the screen. Changing map area was enough to fix it.

Issue 2 was that notification window (Bokito123) that didn't disappear - having other notifications appear didn't fix. This issue made serious issue with covering the "X" (closing) button.
Luckily, you can quit some windows with using "back" button, but you can not do it with "last hand window" during the game, making you unable to see opponent cards. It allowed to make choices (fold, bet, check, call). It has meaning for Sit&Go, where you can't just quit without any consequences.

Btw. Also the person who invited me to the game is not even my friend, nor team member. Therefore, for me it looks like random invitation appeared.


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New infos...

Apparently my Android device has some advert-related virus, that displays some of them in random moments, like launching the game. The app was making GOP3 turn into vertical screen, and while closing it, screen like above was seen. With EXACTLY the same person-notification (Bokito123).

For diagnose I disabled all permission for all applications (even basic ones) and I haven't seen any unwanted adverts - however, despite allowing GOP3 writing on memory, it sometimes makes small push notification that something was not permitted for GOP3.

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