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Okay, so the bug that do not show messages from chat history/log is still there. You need to open chat, then send at least one message/emote to make it start registering.

But today I discovered other bug. If you use left & right mouse buttons really quick one after another, you may be successful to cause effect like on screenshots below, making only partial chat visible. To proof, it's not just random frame of animation, look on the "deal timer". Probably can be also done with just left click, but I found it easier to trigger with left+right.

PS: Width is dependent on the speed you manage to trigger it (interval between left and right click). Click image to enlarge.




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1 minute ago, Ines said:

Hello Beridok, it's the issue that you reported us yesterday, right ? We will look into it and fix it :) 

I mentioned this bug yesterday, but I was describing this, because it's similar method of reproducing (same thing makes it):


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I have a bug for you all to FIX, Not really a bug I can tell the RNG was set up this way.

You guys are making allot of $$ from people buying chips, when you win a bunch and go play Black Jack like I do often

Like today I just got Fed up 15 21's out of 18 hands you Computer dealt itself.  7 were Black Jacks, The odds if that happening

are infinite, Can't be calculated easily. This was just the last 18 hands this goes on all the time. Please make your RNG fair and turn

off the  part that is letting you all win so much. I play on here allot. I have been playing every type of poker for 45 years, so I know when

things aren't right. I know your not going to admit what your doing, but we have to play fair please stop cheating us.

 I don't write things like this just anytime I take things like this very seriously, so I have been keeping track of this for a while I have lost over 70 million

just playing Black Jack mainly to keep track of hands so I can write this with confidence knowing I  am right.

   Thank you in advance

 Andy W.

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