Impact of Double XP


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Since they invented double XP, I am more likely only to play that 30 minutes every 4 hour xD

Yup, that's me on team chat. I used to play passively on one table - usually Sit&Go [being the worst to gain XP and team points] - they are quite slow on the beginning any way. While Alt-Tabbing a lot to other thing - browser, etc.

Now I usually spin, then go on the table (or more, if enough chips) and try to maximize the profit. But then I usually have to focus solely on the game. Eventually, after 30 minutes I go play passively.

It seems that Spin&Play are best to earn XP/team points (as well as potential wins of huge jackpots). At the same time I think it's unfair to let some people maximize potential of 4 tables with double XP... Maybe timer should be shortened for each table opened? Like this...

  • 2 tables - 15 minutes [half]
  • 3 tables - 10 minutes [one third]
  • 4 tables - 7,5 minute [quarter]

What do you think?

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