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hi there,

first of all great respect for developing such a great poker game. i enjoy the different styles of poker, speed game, low game,  high stakes and low stakes, tournament, sit & go, team play, team challenges etc. etc. 

i expected a bit more by the the final gift at the christmas calendar. 

to make missions more interrest the earnings must be increased, e.g. win 20mio at PokerVilla (german) is just 15 Gold and 200xp.   way to low 

i am also not interrested in hats . just have only one head to wear :D

there should also be special rooms restricted for those who completed special missions, e.g. completed  the 100 Spin&Play and 100 Sit&Go, maybe it keeps lots of noobs out

lots of noobs, all in and bingo players is quite normal playing free poker games. .... unfortunately. hackers and cheaters are around as well as i guess.

the main reason for my post is that i don't trust the engine after playing 18k hands. i figured out a view players who mentioned all the same..... easy get up to 10 - 15 mio. after that you hardly hit the flop, irrational bad beats occours in a row. it's also mentioned in  the comments at google play , at gov3 it's so obvious how often the bord pairs, how often 3,4,5 colours appears. i never had that lots a of bad beats ... runner runner on turn and river. ...i play poker stars (real money) as well and it's rather different,  i can not proof this by any statistic but i  think the engine is manipulated in some way. 

for that reason i think about quit the game. for sure i will not spent any further money unless it's proofed to me that there is no manipulation

I would be willing to pay a certain amount of money per month for the idea of this game is real great. this would maybe eliminate all the chaos players.... and maybe the engine could be more realistic


thanks, i'm looking forward to get any answer from other players and the stuff of gov3







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At Governor of Poker, we value a fair game. Therefore, we don't manipulate any cards to favor one player above another or the house. We simply shuffle the deck and deal each player the cards. To shuffle the deck, we use the Fisher–Yates algorithm, with a Mersenne Twister as the random number generator. These are proven and tested methods to shuffle a deck as fairly as possible.

In poker, 1 deck is used, while in blackjack, 6 decks are used. We shuffle the deck(s) after each round.

Do keep in mind that players aren't playing for real money, like they would in a casino, the result is that more players will take the risk and stay in the game with bad cards. Due to this the bad beat ratio is higher then it would be in a casino. Some people are just having fun.

Source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/436150/discussions/0/1620599015900773872/#c1620599015913667924

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